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How do I open and set the Bluetooth-GPS Lock on my First-Class Luggage?

  1. Down the the app: 'iTrack Easy
  2. Turn On the Bluetooth & Gps on your mobile device
  3. Put in the Password '0000'
  4. Set up a name and picture of your luggage
  5. Set of your preferences in the settings area.


How do I open and set the Dual Combination Lock on my First-Class Luggage?

To open your First-Class Luggage for the dual combination feature, ensure the combination dials are set to 0-0-0. Then, simply find the two side buttons on the side of the lock, squeeze and lift.

*If you're a visual learner, Please refer to our video demonstration.

The opening combination has been set to 0-0-0. To set your own, follow these steps:

  1. Open both locks.
  2. Look in the opposite side of the dials (on the aluminum side).
  3. Slide the small button to the right.
  4. Set your new numbers
  5. Then, close the locks. To reset or take off, just slide the button to the opposite direction ( to the left). Be sure to memorize your combination!

Please note that once you set your lock, no one else will know how to open your bag – including us. We recommend keeping the combination somewhere safe to make sure you don’t lock yourself out – whether it's by emailing yourself, taking a picture of it, or storing it somewhere on your phone.





How do I use the international digital scale handle on my First-Class Luggage?
  1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds
  2. Set your preferred measuring units of pounds or kilograms
  3. Use two fingers or your hand to gently lift up the whole luggage off the ground (we use accurate advanced technology, so quickly or harshly lifting it up will disrupt the system)
  4. Keep it in the air until you see the numbers stop move and the units or kg or lbs stops blinking.
  5. You could clear the measurements by simply hitting the power button once
  6. Redo the process at least a total of 3 times to make sure you get an accurate measurement. Remember that lifting up the luggage by this handle must be done as gently and smooth as possible for the best results.



How do I set up the external Battery Power-bank on my First-Class Luggage?