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  • Welcome To Royalty!

    Born In The USA. Designed For The World To Have A First-Class Experience

---The First Class Collection---

Make first class moves with this first class luggage


Welcome To Royalty

This luxury smart luggage is built and designed to last for life. Designated for those always making first class moves and take their business or profession seriously. Enabled with high quality aerospace materials and top TSA certified Bluetooth-GPS lock, emerging high security with premium luxury, and convenience. Royalty is first-class.

Make Your Next Move A First-Class Move!

We set out to make a great suitcase, not just a good one. And we knew that in order to achieve that, we’d need  the best quality materials and components available

Luxury Smart Luggage

Designed to last for life, to protect everything you value most when you travel, & having you look professional.